9 Startups in One Cool Startup Summer

UPDATE: You can signup and attend Startup Summer demoday! Signup here: Sign up for Startup Summer demoday here: https://startupsummer-demoday14.eventbrite.com

Startup Summer has started last week in Forskningparken and is now entering the second week. We have 25 participants working on 9 exciting startups. Each day started with pitching exercises to different target audience, then a masterclass and mentoring in different topics.


Speakers that has shared their expertise and experiences were Benjamin Sommer, Leo Gasteen, Thomas Kjemperud, Satya Witoelar, Guillaume Leygues and Panayiotis Lipiridis. The participants also had to practice pitching and get coaching in presenting in front of investors. The first week ended in a fun race for the team to go to several startups ecosystem in Oslo.

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The quality of startups that participates is improving each year, which is an encouraging sign for the startup ecosystem in Norway. And the background of the participants are quite cosmopolitan, with participants and speakers that have come from countries outside of Norway, such as Denmark, Sweden, Albania, USA and Indonesia, and organizers all the way from Spain and Australia.




Here’s what one startup has to say about Startup Summer:


“We envisioned and validate the solution in our everyday lives. It’s Startup Summer that is connecting, and assisting us to validate it all. From the very investors and startups in the market, directly to us.Shing.systems is receiving a fresh bath of valuable info every single day!”


This week the participants will receive further masterclasses and workshops and will have an incredible opportunity to present their startup in front of selected investors.