Global Entrepreneurship Week is here. Lots of exciting startup events taking place all over Norway this week. Make sure to find the ones close to you. This is a good excuse to explore some of the great things happening on your local startup scene.

If there is anything you should read today, (except the forecast and the labels on your medication) it should be this entrepreneurfriendly newspaper made by Startup Weekend Bergen in collaboration with COX Bergen. In fact, you can actually read the whole thing right here.


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“3 Takeaways from the Global Entrepreneurship Summit”

Wondered what the two lucky young entrepreneurs, who we we sent to take part in Global Startup Youth, learnt during their time in Malaysia? One half of the team, Thomas (who you can read more about here) has written a blog post about his key learnings from GSY.

His post shares his three main takeaways from the nine day trip to Kuala Lumpur, where he attended Global Startup Youth (GSY) and Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES). As a somewhat “Startup Weekend-esque event (on steroids)”, as described by Thomas, and a potential arena for culture-clashing, it was an event that could certainly teach entrepreneurs a thing or two about the global startup culture, regardless of how many years they have in the field.

GSY2_welcome_dinner (Photo by Frode)
(Photo: Frode Jensen)

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Coworking in Oslo

Ready to get out of your basement? Find a coworking space that suits you and your business.


Why choosing a coworking space rather than your own office? Well, they are reasonably priced, probably cooler than any office your starup could afford and they are full of entrepreneurs in the same circumstances as you. Coworking involves a shared working environment and although you will be working independently, you will probably get some support for the development of your company.

In Oslo we can find 7 co-working spaces: Gründergarasjen, Y3o, Bitraf, 657 Oslo, Startup Lab, GründernesHus and Mesh. We visited 5 of them during Startup Summer in June, here you have some of the info and pictures that we took during our tour.
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Register now: Telenor Digital Winner Prize

Telenor has announced this year’s Digital Winner Prize registration is now open. Since 2008, Telenor has been awarding the Digital Winner Prize.  As winning the prize includes 200.000 NOK in cash this can be worth looking into.

According to their website:

Telenor wishes to establish and introduce a Nordic digital winner prize in order to confirm its role as a key player in the Nordic digital arena, and by stimulating the development of digital winners offering services and products for the mass market and our distribution platforms.

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Startup Digest Oslo week 34

This winter the startup community in the Nordic countries will get an award show that is more than a sales-pitch or way to reward good partners and customers. The Nordic startup awards is a community driven award show where the best from all of the Nordic countries will be showcased, celebrated and honored. 5 countries, 17 categories for awards, local events and a rocking grand finale will make sure all eyes are on the Nordics for this event. The Norwegian event will be on the 14th of November with nominations starting 31. August.

Disclaimer: I am part of the organizing team.

This Thursday is the opening party of Gründernes Hus. Come meet some celebrity founders, politicians, entrepreneur supporters and more over a drink. The venue alone is worth it.

Friday is the deadline to apply for SkatteFunn. This is a great support initiative that you can use for research and development including software development.

What is going on in the Oslo startup community

Ten useful thoughts and techniques leading software teams with Roy Osherove
The Scotsman (2. etasje), Karl Johans gate 17 | Tuesday, August 28, 6:00 PM
Learn some fundamentals about leading software teams.

Venture Factory presentation
Thon konferansesenter, Vika Atrium | 28 August, 5 pm
The new company that invests and develops digital startups will present their company to the world. Register before Tuesday by e-mailing [email protected]

Grundernes hus garden party
Gründernes hus, Oscars gate 27 | 30. August, 3 PM
The opening of the ambitious Founders House in Oscars Gate 27.

How to bring entirely new Medtech and eHealth products successfully to market
Forskningsparken, meetingroom VIA | 30. August 2012, 08:00-10:00

Node.js i praksis
Bouvet, Sandakerveien 24c, bygning d11 | 8 AM – 10.30 AM
Get an introduction to Node.js and hear how it has been used in critical production environments. (300,- if you are not a member of dataforeningen)

BetaFactory and the era of accelerators

From incubators being the key to startups reaching their potential we have now moved to the age of accelerators. Their ideal is to have lean, fast and pivot ready companies come in to validate their idea and get traction. This is usually done through short and intensive programs usually spanning 3-6 months. The accelerator offers direct mentoring by entrepreneurs, investors and other business people; guidance on business matters; a small amount of funding to live through the accelerator program and exposure through media connections and demo days. For this the startups that attend give away a stake of the company to attend these accelerator programs (up to 10%).

Accelerators boosting startups with a more powerful start

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Tinc – new 1-month incubator program for Norwegian tech startups

As incubators are a focus area of Innovation Norway there exists a number of them in Norway already. There are a lot of discussions around their effectiveness and I am sure there are numerous reports on the topic. However this new program caught my interest. Innovation Norway’s San Fransisco office has started a incubator program together with the Kauffman Foundation. For those of you who don’t know the Kaufmann Foundation they are one of the largest non-profit organizations that focus on entrepreneurship with a asset base of  $2 billion . With the nobel vision to “foster a society of economically independent individuals who are engaged citizens, contributing to the improvement of their communities”. So my hopes raised when I read they were involved.

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Hello world!

After spending a lot of time on startup related events and a lot of people expressing the need for a blog / site to gather the information about the different initiatives going on. This site will be an attempt to cover this lack of information.

We expect to write about :

  • Startup events like Startup Weekend
  • Initiatives for founders and prospective founders
  • Startup companies that we find interesting
  • Events that can foster new ideas / projects (hacking, design, etc)
  • Some related news from abroad

Any help in sourcing stories, events,  interesting people and companies are greatly appreciated. You can reach us at [email protected] and [email protected]