David Nikel

David Nikel is a British freelance writer and web publisher living in Trondheim. He works with Norwegian companies looking to improve their English language content online.

Twitter: @ooberdave


A Celebration of Innovation in Trondheim

In just one week the doors open to the Technoport 2015 innovation conference. Here are five reasons Norwegian entrepreneurs and investors should travel to Trondheim on 18 & 19 March: 1. Learn from the past, present and future of Silicon Valley The impressive line-up of speakers is led by a trio of the brightest brains in and around Silicon Valley. Nolan Bushnell is known as the founding father of video games for his work in … Continued


Announcing the Nordic Startup Awards 2014

Forget the trashy pop melodies, garish outfits, sexually-ambiguous dancing and political drama of Eurovision. The number one show this May is the Grand Finale of the Nordic Startup Awards – and it’s happening right here in Norway. Thursday 22 May is the day for your diary as the startup ecosystems of Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Finland join us in Oslo for a celebration of all things startup.


Live equity crowdfunding opportunity for Norwegian startups

Do you have a brilliant idea and an established AS (Norwegian limited company), but lack funds to implement? Then the Live Crowdfunding Experiment could be for you. Held as part of the Technoport 2014 innovation event in Trondheim this April, the Live Crowdfunding Experiment offers Norwegian companies the chance to sell shares in exchange for cold, hard cash. By joining the experiment, participating startups get more exposure through their presence at the event, maximising their opportunity to … Continued


Q&A with Andreas Friis, Founder of Live Arctic

At this week’s InnoTown conference in Ålesund, I found an energy bar deep within the conference swag bag. Shortly after demolishing it, I spotted Andreas Friis, the owner of said energy bar, tweeting merrily away on the #innotown hashtag. I couldn’t miss the opportunity to grab a few minutes with him to hear about the fascinating story of his burgeoning brand. Live Arctic is a massive gamble for Friis. Not only is he launching a … Continued


Q&A with Max Gouchan, CEO of ClickLift

The word startup conjures up images of mobile apps and cloud services, so when something different comes along it can really stand out, especially in the offshore oil & gas industry. Norway’s R&D expertise tends to be concentrated in the payroll of the major players such as Statoil and Aker Solutions, but maybe there’s change afoot thanks to last year’s Startup Weekend in Stavanger and its novel winner – ClickLift. Novel not just because of the … Continued


Q&A with Christer Hansen Eriksen, Co-Founder of Pido

When thinking of Scandinavian startup hubs, Bergen’s not the first place that springs to mind. But from deep within Bergen’s historic Bryggen district, comes an inspiring tale of a company formed out of a last-minute Startup Weekend pitch. The team of 10 won the event, and four guys took it forward to win significant investment. This week their idea for a restaurant service app goes live in their home town for the very first time. … Continued


Q&A with Magnus Jepson, Co-Founder of WooThemes

WordPress is a popular tool for bootstrapping startups the world over. The once simple blogging software is now a fully-fledged digital publishing tool that powers some of the biggest sites online – Mashable, BBC America, CNN Blogs, The New York Times blogs – and Startup Norway of course. In 2008, three guys from different countries met online and began creating themes and addons for the growing WordPress community. Five years later, the WooThemes project is … Continued