Music tech receives a lot of traction, so does Bandify

What follows is a guest blog post by Sedef and Davlet from Bandify. Bandify is a norwegian music startups that help musicians find other musicians to jam with. The founders meet in March last year at Startup Weekend Oslo #8, Play edition.  

We all love music. Some of us are only listeners, but most of us tried to play an instrument at some point in our lives. When I was in high school, like many others, my biggest dream was to play a bass guitar in a rock band. I had an old classical guitar at home and started to practice on it while saving up for a bass guitar. When the day has finally come, I was holding my bass guitar like an Olympic trophy above my head; however, that happiness did not last so long. No matter how much I practiced, I could not find anyone to accompany me, let alone a music band to play with. Without anyone’s support I eventually lost passion towards my dream instrument. If only I could find like-minded people to play with, I could still be playing my bass guitar today.

Co-founders of Bandify: Jacob, Davlet, Sedef during the Oslo Innovation Week
Co-founders of Bandify: Jacob, Davlet, Sedef during the Oslo Innovation Week


Luckily, there is an app coming out soon to help musicians to find each other.

Bandify is a new project forged during the Startup Weekend Oslo and being developed now in the Norwegian music startup Brandify AS. We are working on the solution that will cater needs of musicians and music enthusiasts of all skill levels. This app helps you to find nearby musicians of same skills and interests so you can jam together, create bands and even promote your music.

We received positive feedback about our idea both from musicians and investors, resulting in 180.000 NOK raised in crowdfunding campaign. In addition to that, recently Bandify has been approved for 100.000 NOK grant from Innovation Norway. We are excited to know that we get so much support from the startup community and it gives us a determination to make the best product possible.

As the music industry grows everyday, with new indie bands that make great hits, we see a lot of potential in music startups. Scandinavia is leading that field with companies like Spotify and Tidal/Wimp by giving a chance to new talents to be heard. One step earlier in this process is Bandify which gives new talents a chance to find each other and make their way up. We believe this will change the way people form bands today.

So when do we roll it out?

Bandify will be ready to rock the music app world in Q2 2015. Until then keep supporting Bandify and stay tuned!