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Startup Extreme


Kickstarting the Norwegian Investment Scene

Join hundreds of startups, investors, media and corporate innovators to learn about startup scaling, startup investing and how to engage with the startup ecosystem.

Networking with your next investment while rafting down a frothy river might seem like insanity. But Norwegians know that true relationships are not build by sharing business cards in a conference-hotel. Since 2015, hundreds of the best from the startup ecosystem has met up in June for the three day startup-event of the year.


Join us and the Norwegian Startup Ecosystem!



The Norwegian winners of Nordic Startup Awards

Last night saw the first in the series of national finales of Nordic Startup Awards, with the Norwegian Final being arranged by Startup Norway and Oslo Business Region.

Gathering more than 200 attendees at Gamle Museet in central Oslo, the evening was a celebration of an ecosystem that has been the little brother in the Nordic region, but which over the last year has shown tremendous progress, with the fastest growth in number of investments.


“We have never had more nominations of good candidates than this year – it shows us that the Norwegian startup scene is getting stronger and more active. Last year we saw Norway take home 3 prizes at the Nordic Final, and we hope to be able to take home at least as many at this  year´s Nordic Finale in Reykjavik” says Maja Adriaensen, CEO of Startup Norway.


The winners in the Norwegian Nordic Startup Awards Final was chosen by a Jury, with the public voting also playing a significant role.

The winners were a mix of well-known names and some names probably new to the general public.

1,2KPX-5066 1,2KPX-5034 1,2KPX-5004

Photo credit: Noor Dawod Photography


Aaaand the winner is…


Best Bootstrapped: Socius

The first Award of the night went to media startup Socius. Despite no funding they have managed to grow a strong international team, and their customers include publishers Conde Nast and Axel Springer.


Best Exponential Startup: nLink

With their Mobile Drilling Robots they are revolutionising the construction industry, allowing manual labour to perform 5-10 times faster.


Best Social Tech Startup: No Isolation

Social tech startup No Isolation have gained much attention and praise for their avatar robots, aimed at solving the problem with isolation for kids with long term illnesses.


Best IoT Startup: Unacast

Unacast is the blood veins in the body of IoT and connects all sensors in the world to each other and to digital domains.

Since their launch in 2014 they have signed some of the world´s largest proximity companies.

CTO Hero of The Year: Christian Hager

Might be most famous for being the CTO and co-founder of Nabobil, where he has helped build the AirBnB for cars. Nabobil has fast become a favorite in Norway, where the sharing-society is getting a strong position.

He is currently the CTO of 3 startups, and the CEO of one.


Startup Media of The Year: Joacim Lund

As an established commentator in Aftenposten, Joacim Lund has for long time been an important critical voice in the age of increased digitalisation.


Best Accelerator Program: Angel Challenge

Not originally meant as a accelerator program, the founders soon after launch found out that the intensive 8 week-program functioned exactly as that, by supporting investors to accelerate with startup investments. As per today, 40 companies and 52 business angels have been part of their program.

Best Investment Company: Northzone

With offices both in Norway, Sweden and UK, Nothzone has become a well-known name in the Nordics. Last year saw them do 35 investments/follow-ons, of which 9 were new companies.

Notable investments include Spotify, Trustpilot, Avito, Lastminute, Pricerunner, Nextgentel, and Stepstone.


Best Business Angel: Kim Daniel Arthur

An angel investor since 2011, Kim Daniel is one of the more established angel investor in Norway. A succesful serial entrepreneur(EA Games acquired his company Playfish for 2.4billion NOK in 2009) he is not only investing in startups, but he is also commited to help build a stronger startup ecosystem, and is among the initiators behind FLOW


Best Office Space: FLOW

This Tromsø- and Ofoten-based coworking space is an exciting addition to the ecosystem in Northern Norway, and a good proof things are also happening other places than in Oslo.

As a partner in the total innovation ecosystem they do a great job in supporting  and coordinating efforts to connect the Northern startup community with that in the rest of the Nordics.

Best Newcomer: No Isolation

Things have gone in rocket speed for social tech startup No Isolation.

In under a year they have managed to close their first 5million NOK funding round, launched their beta phase of avatar robots, and they are now also the winners of 2 Nordic Startup Awards.

Founder of The year: Are Traasdahl

Well-famous now for many as the founder of Tapad, the company acquired this February by Telenor for $3 billion, Are is a serial-entrepreneur with a background in sales and marketing.

Startup of The Year: Xeneta

With their ambition of disrupting the sea logistics industry, by bringing big data analytics into it, Xeneta have become a favorite both among media, investors and in the general public. Last year they raised a $5,3 million Series A funding from its previous backers Creandum, Point Nine Capital, and Alden, alongside new investor Alliance Venture, bringing the total raised to $8.5 million.

People´s Choice Award: VIO

People´s Choice goes to the Startup with the most public votes. So maybe not a surprise then, that VIO was the winner of this Award. Started as a student-project at NTNU, they have grown to become popular both among publishers and an audience of young tech oriented people.

Learn more about the criteria for the different categories.

About Nordic Startup Awards

Nordic Startup Awards is a series of events happening in the Nordic countries, aimed at promoting and celebrating the startup ecosystems in the Nordic region.

This is the 4th year it is arranged, and it´s also the edition yet which have engaged the most people, with more than 700 nominations and 18,000 votes.


1,2KPX-5159 1,2KPX-5148 1,2KPX-5155Photo credit: Noor Dawod Photography

Do you know a Norwegian Startup Hero?




Although the total amount invested in Norway is still fairly low, investments in Norwegian startups are growing faster than anywhere else in the Nordics year on year, demonstrating its potential to become a significant hub in its own right

-The Nordic Web

Nominations for the 4th Nordic Startup Awards are now open, and we need YOU to nominate your Norwegian startup heroes.

Last year Unacast, Mesh and Dirtybit all won an Award at the Nordic finale, making Norway tied with Denmark for the most Awards. With a startup scene stronger than ever we should have strong contenders also this year. Help us get the best contenders at the Nordic Grand Finale in Reykjavik May 31 by nominating your favourites.

Deadline for nominating your candidates is February 25. Nominate here: 


The categories are

Startup of the Year

Founder of the Year

CTO Hero

Startup Media of the Year

Best Newcomer

Best Bootstrapped

Best Social Tech Startup

Best Business Angel

Best Investment Company

Best Office Space

Best Accelerator Program

Best IoT Startup

Best Exponential Startup

The Winner of Angel Challenge 2015 and the next steps

This Tuesday the champion of the first edition of Angel Challenge was crowned.

It was a close race between five great startups, but as the evening reached it´s peak, Thomas Berglund, lead investor, announced Socius as the winner. Not only do they receive the investment of 1.3M NOK(€140 000), but also 26 investors with tons of experience on the team.


The investors deliberation is as follows:

“The winner has a strong team, the company is  entering into an already existing global market with a new innovative service and solution.

There is always a risk with investments but throughout the program the winner has listened to the advice from the investors and turned some of those into good progress during a short 7 week period.

The winner has also proved its execution ability during the program, both signing customers and gaining investments.

Like all investors we would like to have good return on our investments and we believe the winning company is well positioned for a future profitable growth and success”


The winner takes it all

Socius provides tools that allow media to control social media and adopt the best content. Applications include expanding articles with content from the public, adopt micro content from its own reporters and running content marketing and competitions together with advertisers. Among their customers are publishers Conde Nast in the US, and Germany-based Axel Springer.

As per the value of Angel Challenge for Socius, Daniel Butler, CEO and co-founder says

“The Angel Challenge program has lead us to focus on the customers where we give the biggest value, and has helped us sharpen our communication to both investors, partners and customers. As the angels have pushed us on all sides of our business we are in a much stronger position to scale internationally in 2016.”



What now?

This round of Angel Challenge is over, but it will not be the last. A separate company will be established to expand Angel Challenge to include

  • 2 programs in Oslo Mars & September

  • 2-3 Mini programs outside of Oslo

  • Angel Challenge Alumni – Investor Network

  • Syndicate Deals

  • Coordinate Deal Flow

  • Events & Activities


An active and vibrant angel community in Norway

Claes Mikko Nilsen from FiBAN pointed out Finland´s success in building angel networks driven by former entrepreneurs. Norway does not have a strong angel network, but in a time with big changes in the largest industries it is needed.

We need more private capital that also comes with competence and experience to help new entrepreneurs establish and scale innovative companies. The network from Angel Challenge is a good foundation for building an active and vibrant angel community in Norway, and by building on our success with the first edition, we want to facilitate the growth of such a strong Norwegian angel network.

The best of Startup Extreme in Media

It’s hard to capture in words how amazing this inaugural event was. Even calling it an event seems out of place; ‘experience’ hits much closer to home. .

Was it the fjord-kayaking, paragliding, wild river rafting, glacier skiing and other ‘extreme activities’ the Startup Extreme attendees were treated to? Was it the authentic meals (yes, including halved, torched sheep heads) they were served? Was it staying in lovely cabins up in the mountains with a spectacular view, often sharing the space with complete strangers who inevitably became friends? Was it the stupefyingly amazing train ride from Voss back to Oslo and its international airport?

Robin Wauters,

There has now been almost 3 months since the first Startup Extreme. We´ve been trying to capture in words how amazing this was, and how incredibly happy we are that all the months and even years of hard work have paid of, without any real luck.

So we thought; why bother when we instead can quote Robin Wauters of

“I lived the dream, I went to Startup Extreme”

Post#6 Post#4
Post#3 Post#1

We are here presenting you the summer read of the summer 2015: the best of what have been written about Startup Extreme.  And if you didn’t get an Invite to Startup Extreme 2015, don´t you worry: We will be back in 2016, even better and more spectacular than this year. So make sure to sign up for our newsletter for news and updates! I lived the dream, I went to Startup Extreme

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Dagens Næringsliv- Jakter risikokapital med risikosport (in Norwegian)

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And, of course, if you missed it, watch Sean Percival of 500 Startups and Frode Jensen of Socius talk about the challenges and opportunities of Norwegian entrepreneurs:

TV2- Norwegian entrepreneur vs US investor (in Norwegian)

Images credit: all photos above Dan Taylor from Heisenberg Media.

A Visit to the Future

Pioneers Festival, Vienna, Austria, 29 October 2014. Image ©Dan Taylor/Heisenberg Media –

Last week we visited Vienna for Pioneers Festival. The program was packed with future technology, startup pitches and experience sharing. Limited to 2,500 people the festival was just the right size. For two full days the Hofburg Imperial Palace was buzzing and served as a great venue for housing both great speaker sessions and a tech salon showcasing tech startups. It was a truly great couple of days, catching up with old friends and connecting with new ones. Here is a recap of the things that took place.

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Edgefolio awarded Best Startup Company 2014

Oslo Innovation week kicked off with Startup Weekend Oslo as an official pre event this past weekend, and the official opening monday at DogA.

Oslo Innovation Week (OIW) is the largest innovation convention in Europe. It is a significant meeting place to discuss opportunities and practices for growth and innovation every year. Oslo Innovation Week is managed by Oslo Business Region (previously Oslo Teknopol). Project owners are The City of Oslo,  Akershus County Council and Innovation Norway. Oslo Innovation Week coordinates and markets the overall program, but the schedule is a selection of individually organised events that are of innovative relevance.

One of these events was the Norwegian Investment Forum that took place at Forskningsparken tuesday 14th of october. The forum aims at “presents the most interesting blend of promising startups”  and ”offer an exclusive opportunity to meet the leading Norwegian and Nordic investors to share information and know-how about prospects, trends and key issues, and to make new business contacts.”

During the event Norway’s top start ups made their heartfelt pitches, mingled with VCs and everyone was was treated to pannel discussions involving some blue-chip names. In that regard, the 2014 Norwegian Investment Forum had something to offer for all stakeholders. Perhaps the cherry on the cake were the brilliant keynote speeches by Allan Young (of Runway) and Jonas Kjellberg (of Skype), that left Norway’s aspiring entrepreneurs with even more fire in their bellies.

During the after-party law firm Selmer gave out a special award, The Selmer Award to The Best Startup Company 2014. The winner was selected among the pitching companies at Norwegian Investment Forum. With many great startup pitches earlier in the day it was a close race, but Startup Summer alumni Edgefolio made the best case and was announced winner of this prestigious award.

Leopold Gateen (to the right) receiving the award for startup of the year 2014 from law firm Selmer. Photo credit: Rowen Pillay, co-founder and COO at edgefolio

“I’m humbled by this award. There were so many great startups today solving real-world problems, and that makes this award even more special. A huge thank you to the Edgefolio team, I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved.” – Leopold Gasteen, Founder and CEO

The prize was to go to a “standout Start-up company that has made a significant impact in the past 12 months”. The judging criteria was that “the company must be in an early venture, stage, have the potential to go global and should communicate a clear and understandable business model in a professional manner”.

In a nutshell, Edgefolio is like angel-list, but for Hedge Funds. Their platform empowers investors with fresh and relevant data on managers, and gives manager the ability to market themselves in a scalable and compliant way. The by-products are increased efficiency in cap raising, and heightened transparency something the Industry dearly needs

Receiving awards is not a new thing for the talented entrepreneurs at Edgefolio. They already have a great track record as a promising norwegian startup. They won no less than two prizes at The Nordic Startup awards, the national newcomer award and the founder Leopold Gasteen won the founder of the year award.

NSAwards edgefolio
Co-founders Rowen Pillay and Bastien Bourdon receiving the national Best Newcomer award at Nordic Startup awards. Photo credit: Jonathan Wright

Born out of Gründergarasjen in April 2013, where he was given free desk space and a monitor, Leopold went about validating what his closest friends and family were calling a “crazy idea”. It was at  Gründergarasjen where Leopold met his CTO Harish Narayanan, who balanced out Leopold’s wild ambition with extraordinary development talent and an intensely thoughtful approach to problem solving.

Fast forward six months Edgefolio was established as an AS, and team of A-players was built around it. Since then, it has been a story of growth and traction. They have maintained the same thoughtful approach to the problems they are solving, and as a result have created a name for themselves in the industry.


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10 days until the 10th Startup Weekend on Oct 10th!

Well it’s now 9 days until the next Startup Weekend, and we now have an awesome lineup of speakers, judges and mentors from Google, Telenor, Spond and Ardoq. We’re stoked to have them on board!

A6 flyer-03
Nicolaj Broby Petersen is the co-founder of Dirtybit, the company behind the popular game Fun Run. With over 45 million downloads, the company has established itself as one of Norway’s most promising mobile start-ups. With big ambitions and passion for entrepreneurship, Nicolaj looks forward to share the story of Dirtybit at SWOslo. He will be speaking during friday evening.
Terje Christensen, from Business Model User Group, Terje will be running a Business model workshop at 10.00 on saturday. Here you can learn how to use the Business Model Canvas
Martin Jensen, founder of Blink, will be runing a workshop at 15.00 on saturday titeled: How to nail your pitch! This session will help you master the sunday night presentation. Blink was the runner up at Startup Weekend Oslo october last year. After the weekend they got into betaFACTORY, an Oslo based accelerator. Martin have in the past year been pitching Blink at a number of national and international conferences.
Alexander Woxen

Entrepreneur and investor
Alexander founded his first company Intergate with fellow math students at the University of Oslo. Later he co-founded The Growth Factory, a pan Scandinavian incubator and a seed fund, later acquired by the Møller Group (Katalysator) where he worked as Investment Director with focus on buy outs, before giving life to StartupLab. Alexander is very fond of skiing!
 Linus Dahg
Early Stage VC at Wellington Partners
Linus joined Wellington Partners in 2014 with the Digital Media and Software team. His primary role is identifying investment opportunities and building relationships with the great entrepreneurs behind these companies. In addition to building a career in Venture Capital, Linus also founded TF Strategies, a Stockholm based consulting firm focusing on trend intelligence, market and external environment analysis, strategic direction, deal sourcing, screening and business analysis.
Anne Worsoe
Entrepreneur and community builder, founder of Innovation House in San Francisco

Anne is an entrepreneur and community builder, and has led Innovation Norway’s San Francisco office since 2011, and founded Innovation House in the same city. She is an experienced member of the Board of Directors for startups, VCs and communities focusing on internationalization and global growth. She is passionate about helping companies scale their impact, and a believer in serendipity and the Pay-it-Forward culture.

Monna Nordhagen
Partner and Consultant at Brandlab
Monna is an serial entrepreneur that has been involved with starting and growing companies such as Scandiavia Online (SOL). She was involved in establishing internet in Norway as an advertising channel and internationalized Doctor Online. Monna launched Finn, founded design agency Misson and is currently partner and consultant at Brandlab.
Wilhelm Joys Andersen: Principal Software Engineer
Andreas Gilstad: Product Manager for Grouper at Telenor Digital and spare time entrepreneur
Svein Hermansen: Senior Language Specialist, Nordics at Google
Maja Adriansen: Founder of Startup Norway
Lars Klundby: Senior Analyst at Google
Silje Gabrielsen: UX & Design Director at Spond
Magnulf Pilskog: CEO and CO-founder of Ardoq
Martin Jensen: CEO and CO-founder at Blink
Terje Christensen: Founding partner at Odin Systemer 
We are excited. See you all on the next #SWO!



Spectacular Technology and Innovation Week in Trondheim

Trondheim is the place to be this month!



Trondheim Technology and Innovation Week (April 25th – 30th) is kicking off soon, with 3 cool events happening: Startup Weekend kicks off on the 25th-27th, followed by Trondheim Designevent on the 26th and 27th, and ends with Technoport on 28th-30th .

The events followed an incredible March, where Start NTNU and Spark NTNU managed to achieve an amazing feat during the StartIT event by inviting Steve Wozniak. Yes, Woz himself was in Trondheim last month!

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Nordic Startup Conference – March 28th 2014



Are you an entrepreneur ready to take your startup to the next level? Or maybe you are an investor looking for late-stage startups? Or are you a technology geek looking for an opportunity within the startup community? It does not matter whether you are an entrepreneur, geek, investor, pioneer or a community builder. Nordic Startup Conference is a unique opportunity for the entire Nordic startup eco-system to connect! Continue reading “Nordic Startup Conference – March 28th 2014”