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It’s hard to capture in words how amazing this inaugural event was. Even calling it an event seems out of place; ‘experience’ hits much closer to home. .

Was it the fjord-kayaking, paragliding, wild river rafting, glacier skiing and other ‘extreme activities’ the Startup Extreme attendees were treated to? Was it the authentic meals (yes, including halved, torched sheep heads) they were served? Was it staying in lovely cabins up in the mountains with a spectacular view, often sharing the space with complete strangers who inevitably became friends? Was it the stupefyingly amazing train ride from Voss back to Oslo and its international airport?

Robin Wauters,

There has now been almost 3 months since the first Startup Extreme. We´ve been trying to capture in words how amazing this was, and how incredibly happy we are that all the months and even years of hard work have paid of, without any real luck.

So we thought; why bother when we instead can quote Robin Wauters of

“I lived the dream, I went to Startup Extreme”

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We are here presenting you the summer read of the summer 2015: the best of what have been written about Startup Extreme.  And if you didn’t get an Invite to Startup Extreme 2015, don´t you worry: We will be back in 2016, even better and more spectacular than this year. So make sure to sign up for our newsletter for news and updates! I lived the dream, I went to Startup Extreme

Wired UK – 4 Norwegian Tech Startups Ready to Take on The World

Wired UK- Farmville’s creator on how to make addictive games

Wired UK- Kahoot! is gamifying the classroom

Wired Japan- ノルウェーからの、次世代「エクストリーム」スタートアップ2選

The Nordic Web- Why Norway Needs Startup Extreme

Strategy Eye- The Challenges Of Scaling From The Nordics

Strategy Eye- 3 Things Driving The Future Of Nordic Tech

Strategy Eye- 3 Tips For Startups From Founders, Investors & Tech Veterans

Strategy Eye- 500 Startups On The Opportunities & Challenges For Nordic Entrepreneurs

Dagens Næringsliv- Jakter risikokapital med risikosport (in Norwegian)

TU- Dette ville den amerikanske investoren kastet penger på i Norge (in Norwegian)

TU- Se en gründer forsøke å fly (in Norwegian)

3in- Flytter hjem for å hente penger (in Norwegian)

3in- Dere har større ideer her. Interview with 500Startups and Wellington Partners (in Norwegian)

And, of course, if you missed it, watch Sean Percival of 500 Startups and Frode Jensen of Socius talk about the challenges and opportunities of Norwegian entrepreneurs:

TV2- Norwegian entrepreneur vs US investor (in Norwegian)

Images credit: all photos above Dan Taylor from Heisenberg Media.

How to pitch Techcrunch – tips from co-editor Eric Eldon

I had the chance to attend a startupgrind talk with Techcrunch co-editor Eric Eldon. I though I would write down some notes and thoughts I got from the event as many people in the startup community are wondering how Techcrunch works and how they can approach them. And I’ll start with: Techcrunch employees are people too. Eldon shared the story of his attempts at startups life, and how he failed at it like so many others. The journey did lead him to writing gigs for VentureBeat, Inside Network and finally Techcrunch where he is now the co-editor. Now with this background (and often less) some would claim to be an authority on startups and what to do to be successful, but Eldon humbly declared he did not feel competent to tell people how to act to be successful at starting a company.

But he did give some practical tips on pitching Techcrunch (and other media):
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Startup Norway in the media

Startup Norway has started to draw the attention of the media. In the last month, we have appeared two times on,  once on and we got the front page of with an article from

Today we were on the first page of with an interview with Maja and Frode, who are explaining how to make business with hackathons. “Startup Norway er et nytt selskap som springer ut fra det norske gründermiljøet og erfaringene fra de halvårlige Startup Weekend-samlingene som arrangeres i Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim og Stavanger.” Read more here.

Interview about the startup community in Norway with Frode Jensen in (August 14, 2012).

Digi – Oslo´s 10 hottest startups.

Update 3/9: We got a nice article about getting engineers to quit their job in DagensIT / DN this weekend