Are you our new Superstar Intern or Volunteer?


We are offering a unique opportunity to come join us. We give a lucky student the chance to great responsibility and a rocket speed learning curve. Great internship opportunity. Will it be yours?


Prefered skills: Accounting, Corporate Law, Social media/Content marketing or journalism. If one of these sounds like your area of expertise, send an email to [email protected]. Timeframe: One day a week and 4 week during summer. You have to reside in Oslo, Norway to be eligible for this position.

Language requirements: fluent in Norwegian and English

No standard application texts please, instead we would like you to tell us the story of your dream internship. (Remember to attach your CV)



We also seek volunteers that want to help out with the following events: Oslo Startup Weekend, Nordic Startup Awards and Startup Summer. Come join our team of talented and amazing people and let’s make awesome happen. (If interested, email [email protected])

We are looking for people in Oslo and Bodø this time, but feel free to get in contact if you are interested in doing something in Bergen, Stavanger, or Trondheim as well.