CosyTech Part 3 – Rising

The following post is a guest post by Erik Paalsrud @Cosytech

Guess what? We’re going to Las Vegas. Why? Not because we’re working on something genuine. Not because we’ve found new ways of enabling technology such as Near-Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Not because we’re in a exciting market that make tremendous steps from day to day. But because of the sheer dedication and passion towards what we do.

That’s why. We share our spirit with those around us. We believe in “shared capacity” as much as Nimber does.

Viva 2 (1)

Las Vegas means Collision, which is a great arena for us to showcase our products. We’ll be finalising some serious firepower until then which demonstrates what’s possible with NFC and BLE towards corporate and consumer markets. Our Hamza will also demonstrate how easy it is to get cocky and let the house win in Blackjack, but that’s a story for another time.

If you haven’t noticed, we’re all over the place. Pitching at Norwegian School of Business (BI) whilst judging youth startups during the national competition held by Ungt Entreprenørskap. Norway needs this. Not us, but Norway needs to promote entrepreneurship through all channels, and we’re doing our part to help out the ways we can.

Brag, brag, brag. Las Vegas is another door-opener for us, and we’re working hard to get into a accelerator program in the vicinity so we can reach a beta-ready platform by end of summer. Our development team deserves nothing less than a serious amount of brag for their efforts since early December when we started development of our proximity platform.

trondheim (1)

The hardware we’ve managed to put together. The way dynamic knowledge is handled and swamped up to become a edge out towards the new market that is emerging.

We’ve become a Proximity Solutions Provider. We provide hardware and software, but you may also use your own devices which can be connected to our platform. It shouldn’t matter where you get your devices from, but the user interface for organizing and updating the devices should be as easy as browsing Facebook during work-hours.

We’re just about the enter the 6th month of operations, and we have shown no signs of slowing down. The enthusiasm is the same as it was when we first started out. How do we do this?

We do what we love, and we do it well. We’re rising as a result of it.

Are you going to Las Vegas?

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This post is dedicated to Andreas, Magnus, Rikard, Joakim, Christoffer & our good friends at Web Summit who’s keeping a close eye on us for our achievements in Dublin!