Live equity crowdfunding opportunity for Norwegian startups

Live Crowdfunding Experiment

Do you have a brilliant idea and an established AS (Norwegian limited company), but lack funds to implement? Then the Live Crowdfunding Experiment could be for you.

Held as part of the Technoport 2014 innovation event in Trondheim this April, the Live Crowdfunding Experiment offers Norwegian companies the chance to sell shares in exchange for cold, hard cash. By joining the experiment, participating startups get more exposure through their presence at the event, maximising their opportunity to speak with potential investors. The showpiece live event on the evening of 29 April will gather the startups together for their final pitches, followed by the final chance for investors to put down their money.

The project is powered by FundedByMe, the fastest growing crowd investment platform connecting investors and entrepreneurs. Country manager Aleksander Langmyhr explains why FundedByMe are so keen on this project.

“We are looking forward to helping exciting projects raise money to continue their innovation and development.”

“FundedByMe are taking part because we are all about connecting promising start ups and investors. We love the idea of giving “the everyday man” the opportunity to invest in exciting startups. At the moment there is very limited access for normal people to invest in startups and we want to change that. We also want to be an active part of facilitating a better startup ecosystem in Norway by educating people, both entrepreneurs and people with little or much money, on how raising money and investing in startups works.”

Some companies will be nervous about equity crowdfunding, as opposed to the more established reward-based model. But both Technoport and FundedByMe believe the equity model is a growing trend.

“Equity crowdfunding is here to stay, but how it looks in a couple of years is hard to say. Some platforms focus on getting lead investors for projects so normal people can co-invest. Others are focusing on educating rookie investors so they can take more skilled decisions. Other platform are focusing on landing the coolest projects to attract the best investors. I think we will se a mix of all these strategies in the years to come. But one thing is for certain, using the internet to promote and showcase exiting projects in order to reach as many potential investors as possible, is here to stay.”

To apply for the Live Crowdfunding Experiment your company must be formed as a Norwegian Aksjeselskap (limited company) and be related to technology. The deadline to apply is 10 March and full details can be found over at Technoport.

“We want to give startups the opportunity to fund innovative ideas using new methods. Technoport is all about experimenting with new ideas to find solutions to problems, in this case how to fund new businesses”, says Gøril Forbord, CEO of Technoport.

Technoport 2014, the innovation event with a difference, runs from 28-30 April in Trondheim, and tickets are available now.