Camping with Entrepreneurs

We are always in the lookout for not only exciting startups but also one that can open ways for collaborations with other countries, especially in the Nordics as a start. That’s why we are excited to hear about Workaway.


What caught our attention was this pitch:

20 entrepreneurs get together for a week in a beautiful remote house north of Barcelona, to focus on their project, get feedback and new perspectives.


A camp for entrepreneurs, Workaway is the brainchild of Danish entrepreneur Nikolaj Astrup Madsen. Workaway has been organised several times.



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A great number of participants have come from various parts of the world, such as US, Ireland, Italy, Denmark and Sweden, and as far as India and the Philippines. Sessions and feedbacks has been more valuable with diverse participants.



But as we talked to Nikolaj, so far there has been no participants from Norway yet. Having especially neighbouring countries would also open opportunities for close collaborations, something that we greatly encourage. So we’re calling all Norwegian entrepreneurs out there to go out and camp with fellow entrepreneurs.

There is still time to register for the next session, held in October.

Check for more info.




9 Startups in One Cool Startup Summer

UPDATE: You can signup and attend Startup Summer demoday! Signup here: Sign up for Startup Summer demoday here:

Startup Summer has started last week in Forskningparken and is now entering the second week. We have 25 participants working on 9 exciting startups. Each day started with pitching exercises to different target audience, then a masterclass and mentoring in different topics.


Speakers that has shared their expertise and experiences were Benjamin Sommer, Leo Gasteen, Thomas Kjemperud, Satya Witoelar, Guillaume Leygues and Panayiotis Lipiridis. The participants also had to practice pitching and get coaching in presenting in front of investors. The first week ended in a fun race for the team to go to several startups ecosystem in Oslo.

DSC_0153 DSC_0132


The quality of startups that participates is improving each year, which is an encouraging sign for the startup ecosystem in Norway. And the background of the participants are quite cosmopolitan, with participants and speakers that have come from countries outside of Norway, such as Denmark, Sweden, Albania, USA and Indonesia, and organizers all the way from Spain and Australia.




Here’s what one startup has to say about Startup Summer:


“We envisioned and validate the solution in our everyday lives. It’s Startup Summer that is connecting, and assisting us to validate it all. From the very investors and startups in the market, directly to is receiving a fresh bath of valuable info every single day!”


This week the participants will receive further masterclasses and workshops and will have an incredible opportunity to present their startup in front of selected investors.




Startup Summer 2014

An upcoming event for startups this months is Startup Summer!
Photo: Patricia Almeida
Photo: Patricia Almeida
What is Startup Summer?


Startup Summer is an intensive 2 week accelerator program for early stage startups to kickstart their business. It is aimed at young entrepreneurs that has started or wants to start a business. They bring in great ideas, a kickass team and lots of energy and will get the chance to validate their concept and understand the customer’s problems, learn through masterclasses and connect with other aspiring entrepreneurs.

Startup Weekend Oslo IX kicks off tomorrow!


Tomorrow at StartupLab in Forskningparken is where the exciting, inspiring, and crazy fun Startup Weekend will happen. 54 hours of frenzy in creating your own startup with fellow aspiring enterpreneurs.

SWO IX features Ingrid Ødegaard, who will talk about the butterfly effect that grew the number of daily users;  Jose Iglesias, who oversees all UP Global activities in Europe; and Peter Inselseth Jørgensen, founder and CEO of EduKarma, who will also coach at the event.

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Flashback to the Nordics Startup Awards

We have been a bit busy after the Nordics Startup Awards that we haven’t updated the blog with the winners, but suffice to say that it went with a bang! Hosted by Daniel Mann from Google Ground Budapest, we got covered by BBC, attended by 400+ people, and ended literally with a fanfare with a fun samba band guiding the attendees from Edderkoppen Theater to the after party event at MESH.


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What does it mean to be nominated?

Here’s what Blink,, Kahoot!, mCash, StartupLab, Founders Fund, Dirtybit and Erling Løken Andersen think on being nominated!




“We’re so lucky to be nominated, and It’s great to see that The Nordic Startup Awards and the community welcomes more social and consumer faced startups! It’s not easy being from the cold North, but the Nordic Startup awards are an honor and a warm welcome and into the community.»

Martin Jensen

CEO & Co-founder, Blink


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Vote for Norwegian National Winner and People’s Choice Award!

 Nordic Startup Awards


You can vote here:

Voting will remain open for ALL SHORTLISTED nominees all the way to the Grand Final – so even if you are not a National Winner, you will STILL be able to win People’s Choice on the 22nd of May in Oslo.

The national winners from Norway will be announced on Thursday may 22nd, same day as the grand finale. The announcement will be made at the pre event hosted by Whitebull.

This pre event is invitation only. If you have not received your invitation yet you can request one here.

The winner will compete with other national winners from Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland in the Grand Finale of Nordics Startup Awards held in Oslo on May 22nd.

Here are the one that made the list for Norway:

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Take your startup to the next level at StartupDay

Grab an incredible chance to get top-notch business advice from experienced entrepreneur for FREE!




On June 5th, StartupLab is organising StartupDay, where several established Norwegian entrepreneurs and industry leaders are going to give 6 ambitious startups high quality advice on how to tackle the challenges and obstacles faced in building a startup.

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Announcing the Nordic Startup Awards 2014

Forget the trashy pop melodies, garish outfits, sexually-ambiguous dancing and political drama of Eurovision. The number one show this May is the Grand Finale of the Nordic Startup Awards – and it’s happening right here in Norway.

Thursday 22 May is the day for your diary as the startup ecosystems of Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Finland join us in Oslo for a celebration of all things startup.

Nordic Startup Awards

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Spectacular Technology and Innovation Week in Trondheim

Trondheim is the place to be this month!



Trondheim Technology and Innovation Week (April 25th – 30th) is kicking off soon, with 3 cool events happening: Startup Weekend kicks off on the 25th-27th, followed by Trondheim Designevent on the 26th and 27th, and ends with Technoport on 28th-30th .

The events followed an incredible March, where Start NTNU and Spark NTNU managed to achieve an amazing feat during the StartIT event by inviting Steve Wozniak. Yes, Woz himself was in Trondheim last month!

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