Startup Weekend Oslo graduate Soundrop takes on Northzone as investor

The social playlist and music discovery service Soundrop annouced today that they have taken a $3M investment from Northzone. Having bootstrapped the development so far the $3M investment will open opportunities like hiring a designer and front-end developer.



We are proud that the Soundrop team used Startup Weekend Oslo to develop their initial idea in January 2011. The two developers Johann Prieur and Ali Sabil joined startup weekend without the plan to pitch. After being motivated by the event they refined an old idea of a social jukebox. They pitched the idea name Rymbox and formed a team of 5 to work on the idea for the weekend. They managed to get a prototype up and running that allowed users to vote for the current playlist through their mobile phones. The team won the weekend and after the Sunday presentations the Rymbox prototype was brought to a bar for the after party and a live demo. Since then the two developers got introduced to CEO Inge Sandvik who led the project forward to become the platform for social collaboration and sharing it is today.

Northzone is already heavily invested in the music sector with Spotify, X5 Music Group and Doubletwist. Torleif Ahlsand from Northzone will join the board of Soundrop as chairman. “We’re big believers in services that are social and scalable by design, and on top of it are helping enrich the music ecosystem,” Ahlsand noted in a statement. “Soundrop builds brand value and consumption opportunities for artists and labels, whilst creating a more fun listening experience for the consumer.” (via Techcrunch)

Congrats to the team on the funding and getting press coverage from Techcrunch, GigaOM, The Next Web, Venturebeat.


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