To Change the Paradigm of Presentations

Swipe, the first cloud-based presentation service which works beautifully in any browser and on any sized screen or device, launches today. After five months of private beta testing, users can drag-and-drop to upload files (including JPEG/PNG/RAW images, PDFs, Keynote, Markdown, etc.), add other web content such as Vimeo and YouTube videos and get a simple link to share the resulting content to anyone.

The end to boring presentations
The company aims to change the historically boring presentation and slide paradigm, with the belief that any file type can be a “slide” and that anyone should be able to share a presentation live from any device to any number or types of other devices.


A slide doesn’t have to just be “a slide” anymore. It can be something interactive – and much more exciting. This is the vision and guiding principle behind Swipe. By fundamentally changing the context – and thinking beyond one-way presentations from a projector and a single screen to an experience where everyone holds your content in their hands – exciting things can happen.

Co-founder/CEO Horia Cernusca explains;

“We don’t think the main problem with presentations is how to actually make a “slide”. We all have access to powerful content creation tools, like PowerPoint, Keynote, Photoshop, InDesign and even online content creation tools as well. We want people to use any tool they’re comfortable with to create their content, and we’re building a better way to share, interact, and improve the presenter’s and audience’s experience.”

So how does it work?

Swipe turns any file type into a shareable device-agnostic live presentation
Swipe turns any file type into a shareable device-agnostic live presentation

Users can present and control their “slides” live from any device using 3G, LTE, WiFi or other network connection, and as the presenter “swipes” through their slides, everyone else who’s loaded the same URL – on any device – will be able to see and interact with the slideshow in real-time. The product takes any file and breaks its pages into unique slides inside of Swipe. Users can then intermix YouTube videos and photos into the middle of their deck created in their favorite software. It takes mere seconds to go from a standard presentation to a web-based easy-to-share and easy-to-present interactive multimedia presentation.

Swipe is also the only privacy-first web-based presentation tool. All decks are set as private by default, unlike any other web-based presentation or sharing tool. While there are more than 30 million presentations delivered each day around the world, the majority aren’t made for sharing with the general public, but rather are internal updates and contain sensitive information.

Balance and a Kiwi
At the moment Swipe is only focused on realising its founders’ vision to open up presentations and modernize the way people think about slides and “decks”. If the vision resonates with a large enough audience the company looks forward to monetising in the future.
1. swipe-editor-files
It does not look like lack of users will be a problem as more than 50,000 people uploaded or viewed presentations with Swipe during the beta and the largest presentation (by number of concurrent viewers) had more than 2,000 people viewing it at the same time. On the platform you find all kinds of presentations from a Digital Exhibition, a brand story to a photo presentation just to mention a few.

Passion Capital
One of the standouts at TheNextWeb Startup Rally 2013, the company raised seed financing from Passion Capital. Passion Capital is the premier early stage venture capital fund in Europe. They have invested in Swipe. Eileen Burbidge, Partner at Passion Capital explained why,

“Swipe is the first two-way interactive and beautiful cross-platform presentation experience. We’re confident that putting content in the hands of one’s audience opens up huge possibilities for data collection, interaction, and analytics.”

Any of our readers that have tried out Swipe already? What do you think?

We here at Startup Norway wish, Startup Weekend Oslo Alumni, Swipe all the best of luck, and we are excited to start using the platform for our presentations. You can also see them featured in todays Techcrunch and Thenextweb.