Tristan Kromer of the Lean Startup Circle is coming to Town on the 25th

The Lean Startup is not just for startups anymore. Big companies are discovering how to innovate faster and better with Lean Startup Methodology. Tristan Kromer of the Lean Startup Circle travels all the way from Silicon Valley to Oslo for an exclusive Workshop and a Pub Talk on the 25th of February at Mesh.

Tristan will also visit Iterate for an open Pub talk event at Mesh Cafe in the evening. Tristan will give us a quick update on the latest developments from the Lean Startup movement followed by a 45 minute Pub Talk where Tristan will answer questions from the audience. You can submit your questions at the to the Facebook poll here. The after work Q&A session with Tristan Kromer is sponsored by Iterate.

Regardless if you are the entrepreneur of a small company that might one day be big, or if you already work in a large company knowledge about the lean startup will be very usefull. There are still some tickets left.


Workshop with Tristan Kromer @ Mesh: 11.00-15.30 (Still some tickets left)

After work with Tristan Kromer @ Mesh Cafe: 18.00


The workshop is organised by Process Orient AS.