*Very important people from tech* will be joining us monthly

On February 13th we are excited to be joining the Copenhagen event series VIP VoIP. This will be the first event to be held not just in Copenhagen, but in Oslo too. Simultaneously! Startup Norway is hosting the Oslo chapter of the event, together with our friends at 657 Oslo.


Joel Gascoigne speaking directly to Oslo and Copenhagen

This thursday will Joel Gascoigne, Founder and CEO of Buffer, will be joining us. Joel and Buffer have established themselves as the one of the coolest companies out there, with their transparency and content marketing recognised as being a major factor in their success. They recently passed over 1 million users and more than double that in yearly revenue, proving not only are they cool, but also are great at building a business. Info and sign up here.

VIP VoIP what?

The VIP VoIP event series was started in Copenhagen last year and Thursdays event is number three in the series. Previous guests have been Brad Feld and David Heinemeier Hansson. You can watch the last event featuring mr Heinemeier Hansson here.

The event works like any other event where people come to hear someone speak to an audience, but still it’s a bit different. In order to give you access to the best speakers at an entrepreneur friendly price (free), the Very Important Person from tech speak to us via Skype (Voice over IP). This thursday we will be a room full of people listening in at 657 Oslo and at the same time there will be a room full of people gathered in Copenhagen watching the same talk at the same time. In the Q&A section we all get a chance to ask Joel questions. We will be able to see Joel as well as the people gathered in Copenhagen.

Looking forward to see you all on Thursday!

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