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 Nordic Startup Awards


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Voting will remain open for ALL SHORTLISTED nominees all the way to the Grand Final – so even if you are not a National Winner, you will STILL be able to win People’s Choice on the 22nd of May in Oslo.

The national winners from Norway will be announced on Thursday may 22nd, same day as the grand finale. The announcement will be made at the pre event hosted by Whitebull.

This pre event is invitation only. If you have not received your invitation yet you can request one here.

The winner will compete with other national winners from Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland in the Grand Finale of Nordics Startup Awards held in Oslo on May 22nd.

Here are the one that made the list for Norway:



Best Newcomer


Founded in Trondheim in September 2013, is a platform that gives you live, interactive concerts. Fans can interact live, and give feedback to the artist and each other through chatting and uploading and sharing photos in real time, discover new favorites and interact with other fans across the globe. They were recently announced as the winner of #LIFTnordic.


Described as Vine meets Snapchat meets Tinder, Blink lets users send 5 second long self-destructing video messages. It’s one of the results that came out of Startup Weekend Oslo. The app launched on April 23rd and showed more than 110.000 videos in the first week.


Edgefolio brings the hedge fund community online. Edgefolio empower investors with the freshest and most relevant data so that they can have everything they need to make a well-informed investment decision, and presents managers with scalable ways of reaching to investors.


The first social network with video profiles, Wonderloop allows you to make the same type of first impression you would make in real life to make connection as  friends, business partners or customers. It allows users to create video profiles limited to 20 seconds. (It’s featured in Mashable, Techcrunch, Forbes and WIRED.) is a one click video conversation with up to 8 people. It doesn’t require any login or installation of any files or plugins. You can create your own room, invite other people to go to the room by sending them a link via any method you want, and start video conferencing. Their service is used in 192 countries.

Best Service Provider


NTNUs Enterpreneurskøle

At NSE, students are given the possibility start their own company while at the same time achieving a masters degree. The students commercialize ideas that they have found themselves in the first semester of the degree. At the end of the first semester students form teams of 2-5 people. The team then decides on the idea they want to work with, and the goal is for the teams to successfully commercialize that idea.


StartupLab is an incubator in Oslo with a mix of experienced and first time entrepreneurs. They provide early stage financing and a great work space for tech startups. Located in Forskningparken, they now have about 60 tech startups and 120 entrepreneurs.

Innovation House

Innovation House is a co-working and virtual office for tech companies, investors and Innovation Norway and offers landing concept for entrepreneurs entering the U.S. market who can tap into their network of technology partners, investors and service providers. Based in Silicon Valley, IH enables the many Norwegian businesses coming to Silicon Valley – for shorter or longer periods – to focus on their ideas and products.

Bylarm Interactive

by:Larm Interactive is a pan-Nordic arena and showcase window where you can get inspired and check out the latest trends from the digital world. They gather the brightest minds and trailblazing companies in the fields of programming, gaming, digital design, mobile communication and entrepreneurship. They serve as agreat arena for Nordic startups to pitch and be showcased.

Conta Systemer

Conta Systemer develops user-friendly network services and other products for startups and small businesses . Contra systemer was established in 2009 and is headquartered in Orkanger in Sør-Trøndelag.


Developer Hero


Marit Rødevand

Marit Rødevand is one of the founders of the IT company Rendra. She recently won the Ung Innovasjonspris worth 100.000 kr organised by Innovator in the mid-Norway region. She is a great role model for many girls entering tech.

Jens Dyvik

Jens Dyvik is a designer specialized in global collaboration and local manufacturing. In April 2013 he concluded a two year research world tour, where he worked at open collaborative workspaces in all corners of the world. He is currently establishing a Fab Lab in Oslo.

Håkon Bertheussen

Håkon Bertheussen is the person behind the mobile game Wordfeud, the popular game played by more than 20 million people in at least 8 languages.

Arif Shafique

Arif Shafique is a developer evangelist at Microsoft, and works with developers to get their products to the store. He is a great enabler for the startup community in Oslo (and the rest of norway) and is heavily involved in Startup Weekend, MESH, AppAcademy and more.

Wilhelm Joys Andersen

Wilhelm Joys Andersen is a Principal Software Engineer at WJA.Wilhelm used to build web browsers for a living, and is intimately familiar with the stuff that makes up the web. Today he leads his own development agency, building some of the busiest sites in Norway.

Best Investor



betaFACTORY is a pure startup accelerator, and Norway’s first and only accelerator. Modeled after Techstars and Y Combinator, they are an indepedent accelerator and have partnerships with many of the key players in the Norwegian startup ecosystem. They provide access to capital, resources, mentors, connections and visibility, and have invested in companies such as Xeneta, Blink and Edgefolio.

Founders Fund

Founders Fund was established in 2013 by a group of successful entrepreneurs who wanted to give back . They offer accelerating support, funding and access to  network. Founders Fund also partners with the Nordic investment community as well as providing access to top tier international venture capital firms. They have invested in among others Yay Images and UX Lab.


Northzone is a technology investment partnership whose been chosen by some of Europe’s most exceptional entrepreneurs as a long-term partner for growth. They have invested in over 75 companies in the past 17 years.


Springfondet is a seed capital fund and early stage investor for tech startups located at Oslo Innovation Center in Oslo, Norway. The fund invests in technology startups across a broad range of industries. Springfondet is owned by Oslo Innovation Center and Kistefos, and have invested in Swarm64 and Outracks Technologies


Startup Journalist


David Nikel

David Nikel is a British freelance journalist and web publisher living in Trondheim. He has written for Arctic Startup and Startup Norway, among others, and recently the Technoport 2014 blog and their Live Crowdfunding Experience.

Øystein Aldridge

Øystein Aldridge is a journalist in Aftenposten’s Economics Editorial. Øystein covers newstories about tech and startups.

Edvard Nore 

Edvard Nore Norwegian Freelance journalist living in Oslo. He has written for Arctic Startup and most recently for The Nordic Web.

Marie Amelie

Marie Amelie is a writer and blogger. She covers stories on tech and startups for Teknisk Ukeblad.  She was named Norwegian of the Year in 2010 for her contribution on the debate of undocumented immigrant in Norway through her book “Illegally Norwegian”

Sigvald Sveinbjørnsson

Sigvald Sveinbjörnsson Previous editor of IT industry newspaper Currently he workes as a commentator and editorial writer for Bergens Tidende.

Founder of The Year


Anne Dubrau

Anne Dubrau is a social enterpreneur and one of the founders of Epleslang (nostalgic Norwegian word for “Stealing apples in the neighbourhood”), a company run by social entrepreneurs who produce and sell natural apple juice from “the neighbor’s garden”. They create a job for people with disabilities by harvesting the city’s apple orchards, taking use of the tons of apples in Oslo’s private gardens that fall to the grown and rots every year, The company was founded in 2012, when they picked 6 tonnes of apples and produced the local apple juice “Epleslang”.

Leo Gasteen

Leo Gasteen is one of the founder of Edgefolio, the angelist for Hedge Funds. In less than a year he grew the company from one guy with an idea to a team of five, and have raised two rounds of funding. The most recently raised $500,000 round by an angel consortium with the majority of the investors coming from the hedge fund industry.

Max Gouchan

Max Gouchan is Co-Founder and Managing Director at ClickLift AS. At an age of 19 he is CEO of a company with a team of 5. ClickLift develops  solutions to make offshore lifting operations safer and more efficient.

Halvor Gregusson

Halvor Gregusson is the CEO of Rocketfarm, a that develops robotics. Rinning a company with 15 employees he still finds time to engage in community activities. He have been crucial in developing a small startup community in Sogndal. He also co-founded Yast.

Erling Løken Andersen

Erling Løken Andersen is a serial Entrepreneur (,, spillexpo, etc) Currently partner at Listnerd and Omega media. He is giving back and heavily involved in building the startup scene in Oslo as the head of coworking at Mesh, mentor at Startup weekend Oslo and more.


Startup Of The Year



Dirtybit was the first company to have success with a real-time multiplayer mobile game: The company has established itself as one of Norways most promising mobile start-ups. Fun Run has 40 million downloads worldwide. Dirtybit have exciting times a head with their new game, Dino Dash – Multiplayer Race, launching soon!


Kahoot! is an education technology startup.  They develop game-based blended learning and classroom response system. Their platform allows anyone to create a quiz using their easy drag-and-drop editor, which supports images, video, and other rich media. They are growing 150,000 users a week. They were one of the 12 finalist in the SXSWedu conference in Austin, Texas in March, and has been featured in BBC Click,


Highsoft AS is the company behind Highcharts JS, the JavaScript charting engine, and Highslide JS, the image and media viewer. Out of the Fortune 100 Global list of the greatest companies in the world, 51 are Highcharts/Highstock licensees and 8 are Highslide licensees. They have also developed Highstock, a charting product targeted at financial visualization.


Since they were founded in 2012, Xeneta have grown to be the world’s largest sea-freight benchmarking community. Xeneta provide service in analyzing ocean freight data by putting it in one single location with an easy-to-understand interface.


mCash is a payment solution for mobile that connects all your funding sources (credit card, debit card, loyalty card, etc) in one payment app, and enables you to pay to anyone, anywhere. Recently raised €5.20M series A from Northzone and Entree Capital.

Voting closes on Thursday May 22nd. Vote here for your favourite to win!