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Fundraise through a trusted process and reach out to a broad network of investors
When14 Oct, 21 - 02 Dec, 21
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About the program

Build your investment deal.

Angel Challenge is a training program on deal negotiation and fundraising. You will meet real investors, through discussions, negotiations and building your term sheet.

By participating as a startup you get both unique investment training and the possibility of closing your investment round.

Investors join the program with the intention to meet the best startups, network with other angels, improve their investment skills and invest in startups.

It is our goal to create as many great investment deals as possible through angel challenge.

20 investors and 15 startups enters the challenge and goes through a four stage process:

Stage 1: Preparation

Create your fundraising plan

All startups (15)

Stage 2: Selection

Pitch and meet the investors

All startups (15)

Stage 3: Deal Creation

Work with a dedicated group of investors and develop your term sheet

Only selected startups (4-6)

Stage 4: Fundraising

Create a long term fundraising strategy and close the round.

Only selected startups with term sheet (2-5)

How it works

All startups must meet in-person the first session. There will be a total of 14-18 startups. Every selection day the number of startup participants gets reduced based on the investors selection. With the early selection you will know shortly after start if this program and its investors are something for you. From session 3 the investors in groups select to work with one startup together and walk through the due diligence and deal-building process with the founder(s). Based on previous programs it is expected that 1-5 startups get smart capital from the program.

Who should join?

 A dedicated team with growth ambitions

Show some validation in the market

An early version of a product or service

A registered company in Norway

Fundraising ready

Program Support


You will train your fundraising skills by taking part in real investor meetings, deal negotiations, due diligence processes and book building.


Gain access to investment best practices, and startup fundraising tools.


Receive feedback from experienced investors, entrepreneurs and startup leaders. 


Connect with the Angel Challenge network of experienced investors, entrepreneurs and community leaders both national and international.

Investment opportunity

3-5 of the participating startups (of the total 14-18) will go through a due diligence process, draft terms sheet, and get the chance on closing your round.


Session 1: Social event - Meet the investors!

Present your startup to the investors

When: 18.03.21

Where: Online

Session 2 - Selection day

Present your fundraising strategy to the investors

When: 25.03.21

Where: Online

Session 3 - Performing Due Diligence 

Start due diligence with a dedicated group of investors interested in your case.

When: 08.04.21

Where: Online

Session 4 - Identifying key deal points

Get an introduction to startup valuations, term sheets, different types of investment instruments and start the negotiation process.

When: 15.04.21

Where: Online

Session 5 - From deal points to term sheet 

Continue the negotiations and align investment expectations. 

When: 22.04.21

Where: Online

Session 6 - Fundraising plan 

Improve the fundraising plans and future strategy. 

When: 29.04.21

Where: Online

Session 7: Social event - Co-investor day! 

Present your investment opportunity to our network of alumni investor and offer relevant investors to join the deal, or to sign up as interested for later rounds. 

When: 20.05.21

Where: Oslo, Startup Campus

NOTE: Every session include topic-related presentations by investor experts from our network, and you will be provided with relevant materials to take you through the entire process.


Vilde Bergan, CEO of Costail

“A program with a steep learning curve! Made a lot of valuable connections, and most importantly got investor ready. Hopefully, we will end up receiving funding through AC, which we did not think would happen so soon! I am super grateful for all new knowledge, experiences and connections gained through the program. Thank you, guys"

Eric Macody Lund, CMO, Accountflow

“Angel Challenge will help your company understand how to navigate the jungle of becoming a Startup. It also provides a network of investors & key people to interact with. So if you’re an early phase company, I implore you to make the choice of participating; it’s a game changer for sure”

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Even Ifar Fossland

Startup Manager

+47 98006594