Fundraising for Startups - Creative Industries Edition

A program to help creative startups to become fundraising ready. In partnership with Innovasjon Norge and 657 Oslo.
When09 Feb, 21 - 23 Mar, 21
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About the program

Innovation Norway and Angel Challenge has partnered up to support more Norwegian founders with skills and experience on how to attract investors to their company and how to build international growth companies.

The Fundraising for Startups Program is a six-week program for early stage companies in Norway with the ambition to grow and expand their business. The program is addressed to startups that want to grow through fundraising and will help you become fundraising ready by preparing you to successfully go through investor meetings and the due diligence process.

It is the first stage in the Angel Challenge fundraising cycle. You will develop a structured approach to fundraising for your startup, build an investor ready deal and attract investors.

*The program is free, cost covered by Innovation Norway (cost ca. 30.000 Kr per company)

Creative Industries

Include but not limited to...

  • Architecture
  • Computer games
  • Design
  • Film
  • Literature
  • Music
  • Advertising
  • Print media
  • TV and radio
  • Visual arts,
  • Performing arts.

Startup Criteria

Early Stage Creative Startups with a max of 5 years.

Registered in Norway as an AS.

With a dedicated team.

With, or close to be done, MVP or Prototype.

Looking for funding within a reasonable time, preferably 0-18 months.

What you get

Investment terms and deal-making

Learn investment terminology, startup valuation methodologies, the common investment deals and the art of closing a round.

Growth Planning and Metrics

Identify the relevant metrics for your company. Set growth goals and processes to measure progress. Look for the the skill gaps in the team and set up a recruitment plan.

Due diligence and risk assessment

Identify and improve the relevant documents to provide to investors and build your due diligence data room. Self-asses the risk of your company and set up a risk mitigation plan.


Get access to frameworks of valuable content, best practices and startup tools.


Connect with our network of founders, experienced investors, and community leaders both national and internationally.

Financials and Fundraising

Test and validate the scalability of your business model. Build a financial model and identify your funding needs. Select the best funding source for your company and develop a fundraising plan.

Next Session

9th Feb 2021 - 23rd Mar 2021

Application Deadline

18th Jan 2021


Session 1

Investor presentation

Due diligence process

Risk assessment

Session 2

Financial plan

KPIs & performance

Session 3

Product & IP strategy

Funding sources

Session 4

Investment deals

Team & operations

Demo Day



Past Participants

Becky from WAM

A valuable course for startup founders. Interesting sessions and knowledgeable presenters. I would recommend it to everyone starting out on their entrepreneurial journey!

Thommy from

A must for startups. Here you can go from 0 to 100 and learn from the best.

Morten Kroslid from Shineup

"Fundraising for Startups" taught me how to work more structured and professional. I believe the program will help our startup closing our next fundraising round faster, get the right investors and get a higher valuation.

Heidi Myrmo from Allva

We joined FFS to validate our existing work towards investors, and make sure we are fully prepared to raise capital. We're hoping that the program also prepares us in selecting the investors that are the best match. The first session impressed us, looking forward to the rest!

Peter Lirvall from Boxeez

This program will boost your funding journey and save lots of time in preparation.

Raluca Meyer from Viral Captis AS

We have joined the Startup Program to learn, from the best professionals, how to prepare ourselves, and the company, to meet our future investors. We have learned a lot from the program, and the speakers invited. A big thanks to the organisers, who have been such a great help! We highly recommend it to all the startups!

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Even Ifar Fossland

Startup Manager

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