Nordic Startup Conference – March 28th 2014



Are you an entrepreneur ready to take your startup to the next level? Or maybe you are an investor looking for late-stage startups? Or are you a technology geek looking for an opportunity within the startup community? It does not matter whether you are an entrepreneur, geek, investor, pioneer or a community builder. Nordic Startup Conference is a unique opportunity for the entire Nordic startup eco-system to connect! Read full article

The important #HashtagIssue, let the Startup Community decide for Oslo

The nordics are uniting their startup news under tags like #SthlmTech, #cphFTW, #Malmostartups. As ArcticStartup argues we need a tag for Oslo as well.

An official hashtag for everything Startup & tech in Norway

A while back Silicon Vikings initiated the discussion around  a Norwegian/Oslo #hashtag, they handed the  ball to us in Startup Norway. As Startup Community builders, the task was taken very seriously, and from the beginning it was clear to us that this is a community decision.


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Live equity crowdfunding opportunity for Norwegian startups

Live Crowdfunding Experiment

Do you have a brilliant idea and an established AS (Norwegian limited company), but lack funds to implement? Then the Live Crowdfunding Experiment could be for you.

Held as part of the Technoport 2014 innovation event in Trondheim this April, the Live Crowdfunding Experiment offers Norwegian companies the chance to sell shares in exchange for cold, hard cash. By joining the experiment, participating startups get more exposure through their presence at the event, maximising their opportunity to speak with potential investors. The showpiece live event on the evening of 29 April will gather the startups together for their final pitches, followed by the final chance for investors to put down their money. Read full article

Tristan Kromer of the Lean Startup Circle is coming to Town on the 25th

The Lean Startup is not just for startups anymore. Big companies are discovering how to innovate faster and better with Lean Startup Methodology. Tristan Kromer of the Lean Startup Circle travels all the way from Silicon Valley to Oslo for an exclusive Workshop and a Pub Talk on the 25th of February at Mesh.

Tristan will also visit Iterate for an open Pub talk event at Mesh Cafe in the evening. Tristan will give us a quick update on the latest developments from the Lean Startup movement followed by a 45 minute Pub Talk where Tristan will answer questions from the audience. You can submit your questions at the to the Facebook poll here. The after work Q&A session with Tristan Kromer is sponsored by Iterate.

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This winter the music tech scene is yours

The Norwegian music business is the most advanced in the world, with 78% of the revenues now coming from digital sources, making it the ideal place to launch music start-ups, this is exactly what MashUpNorway hopes to achieve.


MashUP is an open international competition where the best idea is rewarded with mentoring from experienced players from music and technology industry and office space at 657 Oslo. The winner will be provided with the right longterm tools needed to commercialise their idea. So if you are up for the challenge and win they will help you get your idea transformed into a real product.

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@confrapp launches to make setting up phone based conference calling easier. In their words Confr is to phone conferencing what Dropbox is to file sharing – a radical simplification of something people always need to do anywhere in the world. - link

GenYMaps wins BergenSW and enters Global Startup Battle

Startup Weekends during Global Entrepreneurship Week means that all Startup Weekend winners and runner-ups get the chance to enter the Global Startup Battle.

Bergen Startup Weekend is no exception. The winner of the third edition of Bergen Startup Weekend, that took place 22nd – 24th of November, was GenYMaps. GenYMaps aims to make travel planning easy and enjoyable for everyone. Watch their pitch and support them in the Global Startup Battle by voting for them.

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