Startup Norway is an umbrella organization for several startup ecosystem initiatives. We have facilitated more than 150 events since our start in 2012. We help startups grow by creating arenas where startups, investors, key community players & corporates come together to learn and connect.


Startup Norways purpose is to be a key resource in building the Norwegian Startup Scene. The initiative was started because we saw a lack of community and support for entrepreneurs in Norway. Inspired by living abroad in startup hubs, we have created initiatives we felt were missing locally.

Our Core Initiatives include:

  • Startup Extreme

    • 1 day startup-innovation conference in Bergen, Norway.

    • 2 day startup summit with 150 invite-only attendees in Voss, Norway.

    • Gathering Norwegian startups, international investors, media and other key players for extreme activities in the Norwegian fjords.

    • Goal: to put Norwegian startup scene in the spotlight, and to help facilitate relationship building between entrepreneurs and investors.
    • See more at startupextreme.co

  • Angel Challenge

    • Startup investment program for entrepreneurs and investors.

    • Focused on educating new angel investors, by learning by doing.
    • Goal: to build competence among startups and investors about angel investing through lectures and workshops.
    • See more at angelchallenge.com

OHOI – Oslo House of Innovation

  • OHOI – Oslo House of Innovation is a 4500sqm building dedicated to innovation, located in Oslo, Skippergata 22. This is an environment where investors can come with their portfolio of startups to shape an area where they can work closely with the people they believe in. It is an environment with a mix of innovation, competence and capital that will accelerate their shared value creation. The building will strive to be a positive contribution to the Norwegian ecosystem of co-working spaces with its bridge between entrepreneurs and investors.

By facilitating new projects that feeds the ecosystem with more entrepreneurs, investors and startups, we are aiming to build a thriving startup scene in Norway and tie the startup community closer together.