Tøyen Startup Summer Camp – Demo day 31.July

While most people are out hunting sun and recreation, a select few have joined the summer hackaton Tøyen Startup Camp. The goal: to realize ideas and grow startups.

Tøyen Startup Summer Camp is strictly open source and not owned by anyone. It’s not even a business identity. Everything is organised by the community itself. The camp is from 6.July to 31.July and hosted by House of Nerds. Geir Sand Nilsen, one of the driving forces behind the initiative explains how it all works;


“The holy grail of Tøyen Startups Summer Camp is to get shit done and help others. The event is self organized around The Big Board of Everything which has two parts: Stuff you need and stuff you can help out with. There are no speakers, workshops or mentors.”


After four week of hard work, the Startups have now reached Demo day. The Demo day is powered by Startup Grind, and is the main event for the camp. The six finalists startups will present their project to a selected group of investors, angels and experts and everyone will get 3 minutes to demo their project. When we ask about the format of the pitch, Geir tells us that;


“There’s no specific thing startups are expected to be able to present on Demo Day. The startups are all at different stages. The goal on Demo Day is simply for startups to present their product or service as convincingly as they can for the stage they’re at.”


We at Startup Norway are very excited to see the startups present their business and demo their products today and we hope you’ll join us too.

It starts at 15:00 at House of Nerds, Lørenveien 34 and the program is as follows:

09:00 Doors open. Innovation Norway are available all day.
15:00 Preselected startups present for the Demo Day panel of Business Angels, Alliance Venture, VG and Innovation Norway
16:00 Key note: “How we secured 13 milion NOK in funding without a single line of code” – Kjartan Slette, Unacast
17:00 Tøyen Startup Village – What is it? What will happen?
17:30 3 min Startup demos / pitches.

The evening continues with live music from Project Disco and networking with startups, investors, partners and other entrepreneurship lovers.

For more info, please contact Geir Sand Nilsen, [email protected], (+47) 922 30 001 or check the Facebook event.


We’re competitive players in a world of poker – Part 2

Our guest blogger this week is Erik Paalsrud continuing the story of the first 100 days of CosyTech. You can read part 1 here.

We continue our story….


Our next step was to apply for Inven2Start. A competition designed to evolve an idea into a product. The prize was 130 000 NOK in start capital. Application was done and sent only a sharp hour after our Web Summit confirmation. The “JFDI” spirit was born. Just Fucking Do It.
We got in touch with Dogetek, a startup in Trondheim who delivers web solutions. We asked if they were interested in coming along on our journey, to help us build a web platform which we needed to manage the NFC tags. Much cool.
Lucky for us, they were!

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We’re competitive players in a world of poker – Part 1

Our guest blogger this week is Erik Paalsrud from CosyTech.


CosyTech. Who the **** is CosyTech? We’ve been through a rough and intense 3 months, and we’ve never really had the time to stop and look back – nor time to explain or tell what has happened to us. We’d like to use this opportunity to express some of our thoughts by telling the story of how we came to be, what we’ve been through and what we’ve felt.

We started CosyTech briefly 3 months ago. 105 days ago, to be exact. This is not my first attempt on a venture, nor will it be the last – that’s for sure.

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From Oslo to Silicon Valley

This is a story of how dedication, hard work and a portion of serendipity brought the first Norwegian startup to 500Startups in Silicon Valley.

It was in September last year Paal Stian Aagenaes, Eivind Groenn, Sebastian Almnes  and Mikhael T Ricker  first meet and came up with the idea óf a platform for matching students searching for internships with SMEs looking for interns. Techpear was born, and the four founders have since come a long way in offering a solution to save SMEs and students both time and money.

From the left: Sebastian, Eivind and Paal Stian

They recently moved the company to Silicon Valley, to be part of the 11th batch of the 500Startups Accelerator in Mountain View. Techpear is the first ever Norwegian startup to be taken into the prestigious program. Even if serendipity also played it´s part, it was hours and hours of hard work that brought them to where they are today.
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Edgefolio awarded Best Startup Company 2014

Oslo Innovation week kicked off with Startup Weekend Oslo as an official pre event this past weekend, and the official opening monday at DogA.

Oslo Innovation Week (OIW) is the largest innovation convention in Europe. It is a significant meeting place to discuss opportunities and practices for growth and innovation every year. Oslo Innovation Week is managed by Oslo Business Region (previously Oslo Teknopol). Project owners are The City of Oslo,  Akershus County Council and Innovation Norway. Oslo Innovation Week coordinates and markets the overall program, but the schedule is a selection of individually organised events that are of innovative relevance.

One of these events was the Norwegian Investment Forum that took place at Forskningsparken tuesday 14th of october. The forum aims at “presents the most interesting blend of promising startups”  and ”offer an exclusive opportunity to meet the leading Norwegian and Nordic investors to share information and know-how about prospects, trends and key issues, and to make new business contacts.”

During the event Norway’s top start ups made their heartfelt pitches, mingled with VCs and everyone was was treated to pannel discussions involving some blue-chip names. In that regard, the 2014 Norwegian Investment Forum had something to offer for all stakeholders. Perhaps the cherry on the cake were the brilliant keynote speeches by Allan Young (of Runway) and Jonas Kjellberg (of Skype), that left Norway’s aspiring entrepreneurs with even more fire in their bellies.

During the after-party law firm Selmer gave out a special award, The Selmer Award to The Best Startup Company 2014. The winner was selected among the pitching companies at Norwegian Investment Forum. With many great startup pitches earlier in the day it was a close race, but Startup Summer alumni Edgefolio made the best case and was announced winner of this prestigious award.

Leopold Gateen (to the right) receiving the award for startup of the year 2014 from law firm Selmer. Photo credit: Rowen Pillay, co-founder and COO at edgefolio

“I’m humbled by this award. There were so many great startups today solving real-world problems, and that makes this award even more special. A huge thank you to the Edgefolio team, I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved.” – Leopold Gasteen, Founder and CEO

The prize was to go to a “standout Start-up company that has made a significant impact in the past 12 months”. The judging criteria was that “the company must be in an early venture, stage, have the potential to go global and should communicate a clear and understandable business model in a professional manner”.

In a nutshell, Edgefolio is like angel-list, but for Hedge Funds. Their platform empowers investors with fresh and relevant data on managers, and gives manager the ability to market themselves in a scalable and compliant way. The by-products are increased efficiency in cap raising, and heightened transparency something the Industry dearly needs

Receiving awards is not a new thing for the talented entrepreneurs at Edgefolio. They already have a great track record as a promising norwegian startup. They won no less than two prizes at The Nordic Startup awards, the national newcomer award and the founder Leopold Gasteen won the founder of the year award.

NSAwards edgefolio
Co-founders Rowen Pillay and Bastien Bourdon receiving the national Best Newcomer award at Nordic Startup awards. Photo credit: Jonathan Wright

Born out of Gründergarasjen in April 2013, where he was given free desk space and a monitor, Leopold went about validating what his closest friends and family were calling a “crazy idea”. It was at  Gründergarasjen where Leopold met his CTO Harish Narayanan, who balanced out Leopold’s wild ambition with extraordinary development talent and an intensely thoughtful approach to problem solving.

Fast forward six months Edgefolio was established as an AS, and team of A-players was built around it. Since then, it has been a story of growth and traction. They have maintained the same thoughtful approach to the problems they are solving, and as a result have created a name for themselves in the industry.


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GenYMaps wins BergenSW and enters Global Startup Battle

Startup Weekends during Global Entrepreneurship Week means that all Startup Weekend winners and runner-ups get the chance to enter the Global Startup Battle.

Bergen Startup Weekend is no exception. The winner of the third edition of Bergen Startup Weekend, that took place 22nd – 24th of November, was GenYMaps. GenYMaps aims to make travel planning easy and enjoyable for everyone. Watch their pitch and support them in the Global Startup Battle by voting for them.

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To Change the Paradigm of Presentations

Swipe, the first cloud-based presentation service which works beautifully in any browser and on any sized screen or device, launches today. After five months of private beta testing, users can drag-and-drop to upload files (including JPEG/PNG/RAW images, PDFs, Keynote, Markdown, etc.), add other web content such as Vimeo and YouTube videos and get a simple link to share the resulting content to anyone.

The end to boring presentations
The company aims to change the historically boring presentation and slide paradigm, with the belief that any file type can be a “slide” and that anyone should be able to share a presentation live from any device to any number or types of other devices.
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Choose your next date in 5 seconds? There’s an app for that.

Imagine a person forming their opinion of you within five seconds of meeting you. I bet you’re feeling that it would be unfair, too quick, judgemental or edging on offensive. But that is what happens and we all do it. Your brain goes through a thousand and one thoughts about a person within a few seconds of meeting them, whether it be a potential new boss, partner for life or the cashier at your local shop.

Runner-ups of Startup Weekend Oslo latched on to this idea and created 5seconds, a dating app that encourages you to make swift decisions about a person and puts the ‘fun’ back into speed-dating. Here’s what Martin Jensen, a member of the team, has to say about it…

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Startup Weekend Oslo: Saturday

For those who haven’t tried it, it’s difficult to imagine how a small team can create a product in 54 hours, but when you step into the Startup Weekend atmosphere, you’ll understand: It’s because they want to make it happen. Pure and simple. These guys (and girls) are powering through coding, market research and plenty of post-it notes, fuelled on determination and the chatter of big plans being made around them. “There’s the same energy here as any Startup Weekend,” said Frank Denbow, founder of Startup Threads. “The people may be different but they have the same attitude.” And isn’t that fantastic? This means is that we’re part of a movement and group of like-minded entrepreneurs, across the globe, who just want to create something people love.

startup (1 of 11)
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Norway represented at Global Youth Summit

thomasFollowing on from yesterday’s introduction to Christina, here we have Thomas Kjemperud who is also jetting off to Malaysia next week to take part in Global Startup Youth.

At age 24 and having founded multiple startups, including moov.co and Wakeup Hero (Co-Founder), Thomas has earned the right to call himself a ‘startup enthusiast’.

In between improving morning routines for the masses and making exercise pay off – literally – he still manages to find time to take off his entrepreneur hat and put on his blogging cap for thomas.do, a fun series of app and tech reviews. There’s even a freebie for readers in there so go check it out!

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