Liveblogging Startup Weekend Oslo!

Sunday June 15th: Last day of the Startup Weekend!


20.50 pm: Aaaand that’s a wrap folks!!!! Thanks everyone for a great experience!!! Party time!!!!


20.49 pm: And the winner of Startup Weekend Oslo IX is ………Langally!


20.47 pm: Second prize: Evil Cat!


20.45 pm: Third prize: Help With!

20.38 pm: Judges are back with valuable feedback for the participants.


20.33 pm: Jose is thanking all sponsors, speakers,mentors, judgers and the organisers. Thanks so much guys!!! Fantastic job!


20.28 pm: #SWselfie winner is announced! Well whaddya know it’s Jannic!


20.27 pm: Stina is announcing the next Startup Weekend Oslo, which will be in October 10th-12th.


20.24 pm: The judges are back from lockdown! It’s time! Drumroll please….!!!


20.07 pm: What do the participant think of this Startup Weekend? We asked around and here’s what they say:


” I learned a lot of stuff and met oceans of people. Great experience!” – Stefano.


“It was cool!” – Thomas


“I met amazing people with different background and it was fun working with them and learning from them.” – Samarth


” It was fantastic, I had a great time. I met a lot of cool people.” – Malin


” Exhausting!” -David



19.53 pm: Microsoft announce their App Academy program for the 3 winners of Startup Weekend and we have just presented our invitation for teams to join Startup Summer.


19.46 pm: The judges are now in lockdown!


19:39 pm: Presentations are DONE!


19.23 pm: Last team to go!


19.13 pm: Halfway down the presentation and Q&A. Very interesting presentations and products are presented!


The day has gone very quickly with some teams pivoting their product in the last minute today! Coaches has gone around for a last round of coaching and pitching around noon. Subs sandwiches and pizza has been ordered and devoured for lunch and dinner. And as of this writing presentation and Q&A with judges is ongoing! 2 teams out of 8 teams have presented their work.

Saturday June 14th 


We didn’t get to update much today, but here’s some pictures that captured the mood:


IMG_20140614_110744 IMG_20140614_112442 IMG_20140614_112457 IMG_20140614_112509 IMG_20140614_112632


17.00 pm: BBQ!!!!!


15.00 pm: Whoa! It’s 3 o’clock already! Time sure flies when you’re having fun! Work has been in progress since 9am this morning, teams are working hard on their startups, and coaches has been around to coach the teams. The mood is organised chaos. Exciting 🙂



23.24 pm: Aaaaaand…..we call it a day, folks! Teams have started building and strategising for tomorrow, and we’re celebrating the team at O’Learys! See you all tomorrow guys!


21.31 pm: Teams are currently being formed around the 9 most popular vote. Everybody is hustling hard to get their team formed.


21.07 pm: Voting has started and we are now counting the most popular votes.


20.12 pm: Pitches has started and ideas ranges from renewable energy, sales, gardening, learning norsk, chocolate, fitness and health, marketing management, animal, housing, music, market survey, mobile phone number, fashion, neighbourhood service, emergency service, babysitting, beer, personal finance, treasure hunts, and traveling. Awesome pitches!


20.05 pm: Pitching is going to start … now! Super stoked to see all the ideas!


19.55 pm: Just a reminder that Startup Weekend has been organised in 130 countries and 600 cities, in 1200 events with 120.000 attendees and 3000 volunteers. As of now it is also happening in 8 other places: Melbourne, Traverse City (Michigan, USA), Tokyo, Munich, Liege, Fukuoka, Ottawa and Mulhouse.


19.35 pm: Teams are formed and we are now playing an interesting ice breaking game!


19.17 pm: Jose Iglesias is the facilitator for this SWO and taking the stage now, getting the crowd ready.

Jose oversees all UP Global activity (Startup Weekend, Startup Next, Startup Digest, Startup Education and Entrepreneurs Across Boarders) in Europe, with a special focus in the Western European and Scandinavian communities, developing strategies for scaling products/programs globally and working together with hundreds of entrepreneurs within the region.


19.11 pm: Ingrid is dishing very interesting stuff on working prototype, pirate metrics, and the different phases: attention, engagement, distribution and monetisation. Also: launch as fast as you can! And don’t think about scalability yet. Focus on user value, and constant test with users. Good stuff, Ingrid!


19.02 pm: Apparently there should be cake but the cake maker is stuck in Las Vegas…..There is an interesting story here!


19.00 pm: Startup Weekend Oslo officially kicks off NOW! Amelie is giving an opening remarks. Big applause for Telenor Digital and Microsoft who are sponsoring and other partners. We are tweeting live as well with #siliconfjord and #SWOslo.


18.45 pm: Proof that Startup Weekend is THE place to meet very interesting people: we just talked to Jannic Nielssen who came all the way from Jamaica to see the startup scene in Norway. Jannic has a background in business and communication, worked in New York for some time, and has an impressive resume. Welcome to Oslo, Jannic!


18.25 pm: 62 people have registered for Startup Weekend. Dinner and networking continues with familiar faces and new people.



17.35 pm: People have started coming and mingling. Goodie bags and glasses of cava are being offered around. Good mood everywhere!


We are liveblogging Startup Weekend Oslo now from StartupLab!