This winter the music tech scene is yours

The Norwegian music business is the most advanced in the world, with 78% of the revenues now coming from digital sources, making it the ideal place to launch music start-ups, this is exactly what MashUpNorway hopes to achieve.


MashUP is an open international competition where the best idea is rewarded with mentoring from experienced players from music and technology industry and office space at 657 Oslo. The winner will be provided with the right longterm tools needed to commercialise their idea. So if you are up for the challenge and win they will help you get your idea transformed into a real product.

So who is it really for?

“MashUP is for everyone that wants to create something new in music, and Norway is the best place in the world to do just that.”

– Kjartan Slette, Head of Strategy, Wimp

Signing up with your idea is free and have to be done before february 24th. All kind of ideas in the intersection between music and technology are welcome. You just need to have the following questions figured out in order to convince the jury that you deserve a pace in the pitch spotlight. Target group: Which problem are you solving, and for who? Business model: What is the money flow and what is the size of the market? Measurability: What is the criteria for success? Tactics: What are the three next steps in your business plan?

A start-up connecting music and technology

MashUP is a collaboration between WiMP, IKT Norge, Phonofile, RADR Music News, 657 Oslo and Music Norway. Kjartan who was part of Wimp from the very beginning has a clear message about why they want to do this:

“I would have wished MashUP existed when we first started WiMP, and I guess that applies to my colleagues in other start-ups as well, and this is our way of trying to improve that, to give something back.”

Music Norway, Wimp and IKT-Norge have been on a trip to Finland to gather inspiration from the Startup Sauna Accelerator. They saw the future and got scared that Norway may be missing out on a whole generation of startups. They decided to start their own startup, set out to solve this problem for the music industry.

Kathrine Synnes Finnskog, director for Music Norway, explains; “In the heat of this moment, we wanted to create a startup connecting music and technology. Music Norway is very happy to be involved in this – it’s inspiring to connect new people to find new talent in the creative industry. I believe that more interaction within different industries also will benefit our blooming music scene.”

So what are you waiting for?

Important dates:

Feb 24: Deadline for submitting your idea

Feb 27: Pre-pitch and final pitching competition at by:Larm Interactive