Startup Weekend Oslo IX kicks off tomorrow!


Tomorrow at StartupLab in Forskningparken is where the exciting, inspiring, and crazy fun Startup Weekend will happen. 54 hours of frenzy in creating your own startup with fellow aspiring enterpreneurs.

SWO IX features Ingrid Ødegaard, who will talk about the butterfly effect that grew the number of daily users;  Jose Iglesias, who oversees all UP Global activities in Europe; and Peter Inselseth Jørgensen, founder and CEO of EduKarma, who will also coach at the event.

Teams will be judged by seasoned entrepreneurs, tech evangelist,  founders, and developers, such as Sigurd Høystad (serial enterpreneur), Malin Sjoner (Co-founder at TimeCloud), Andreas Gilstad (product manager at Grouper), Martin Jensen (CEO of Blink), Arif Shafique (Business Developer at Microsoft) and our own Stina Liland Nysæther.

Finally, startups will be judged by Thomas Adams (CEO and co-founder of OnePiece), Lard Klundby (Senior Analyst at Google), Bente Loe (partner at Springfondet), Odd Utgård (partner atStartupLab), and Rui Manuel Monteiro Casais (CTO at Funcom).

There’s going to be a bit of fun along the way as well with a BBQ planned and and streaming of World Cup in Brazil.

It’s going to be an awesome weekend. Are you coming?


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