From Oslo to Silicon Valley

This is a story of how dedication, hard work and a portion of serendipity brought the first Norwegian startup to 500Startups in Silicon Valley.

It was in September last year Paal Stian Aagenaes, Eivind Groenn, Sebastian Almnes  and Mikhael T Ricker  first meet and came up with the idea óf a platform for matching students searching for internships with SMEs looking for interns. Techpear was born, and the four founders have since come a long way in offering a solution to save SMEs and students both time and money.

From the left: Sebastian, Eivind and Paal Stian

They recently moved the company to Silicon Valley, to be part of the 11th batch of the 500Startups Accelerator in Mountain View. Techpear is the first ever Norwegian startup to be taken into the prestigious program. Even if serendipity also played it´s part, it was hours and hours of hard work that brought them to where they are today.
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