Vikings vs Pirates- Pirate Summit summarized

This week the best of the Nordic early-stage startups attended Pirate Summit in Cologne. Said to be Europe´s craziest startup conference, as well as the  biggest invitation-only gathering in Europe, Pirate Summit is gathering early-stage startups and investors for 2 days of networking and shared adventures.

Start Nordic

A Nordic presence

Startup Norway, together with Klak Innovit, SUP 46, Turku Science Park and The Nordic Web,  had invited a selection of Nordic tech entrepreneurs to join them for the festival, as part of the Start Nordic.

The goal?

To showcase the Nordic region and potential Nordic high growth startups on an arena with over 130 VCs and angel investors. By having the selected startups meet and network with European peers, and connecting with European and US investors,  the aim was to reduce the barriers for scaling internationally.


Photos by Dan Taylor/Heisenberg Media

With in total 50 delegates from the Nordic countries participating in the conference, 30 of these being Nordic entrepreneurs, a Nordic presence was secured. Panels on the growth and current status of the Nordics gave people an insight into the investments and growth of each community. With good support from the research and analysis of Neil W. Murray this made sure to give the audience a good overview about what is going on in the Nordics.

Dressed up as Vikings, and handing out exotic Nordic flavors like Aquevit at the Wheel of Fortune and Forhelvede Bar, the Nordic delegation also made sure to draw some curious attention from the more than 1000 attendees.


Moving, connecting and promoting Nordic Startups

Although Stockholm has been recognised as one of the hot spot cities when regarding entrepreneurship, the Nordics as a whole still has some way to go. This is not due to lack of startups; on the contrary, the startup scenes in the largest Nordic cities are buzzing, with many exciting tech startups and a good support system.

What is lacking is international visibility and awareness.

This is why Nordic Innovation initiated the Start Nordic project. Aimed at moving, connecting and promoting Nordic Startups, the partners across all Nordic countries work together towards strengthening the brand of the Nordic startup scene internationally and improving its competitiveness on a global scale.

Read more about the Start Nordic- project at


Who were the Nordic startups?


CHECKD: Will revolutionize the construction industry one of the worlds largest industries. A visual control tool for a visual industry.

Filmgrail: All movies in all cinemas, streaming services and TV-channels. Filmgrail makes your movie experience smart, social and easy. The only movie app you need.

Tagbeat: Tagbeat`s vision is to let fans and artists in a easy, social and fun way share picture & video stories accompanied with music from Spotify.

Viva Labs: Viva is a turnkey smart home solution. The Viva platform is built to help partners in the broadband and utility industries quickly and easily start selling a smart home solution under their own brand. Turns your presentations into conversations. Present and interact with anyone, anywhere, on any device.



Sponsta: Connects cool brands with popular Instagramers. Sponsta have created a tool that makes it easy for brands and Instagramers to do business together.

Sure: Helping you be sure about the choices you make for yourself, the society and our planet.

Sure make sustainability accessible and enable you to act more responsibly at your own pace.

It’s your first virtual friend you can trust to guide you through the great alternatives around you.

Kidup: Your online parent-to-parent marketplace. Helping you to find things that fit your family.

Lix (Formerly Unipegma):  A textbook marketplace for publishers to distribute their content on, and for students to access their course material in the fastest and most effective way.



Teller: Email that works better when you check it less.

Sqore: The most exciting way to compete for countless real opportunities

Oceans: The social network for scuba divers and ocean explorers.

Airinum: Fighting one of the greatest global health concerns of our time: air pollution.

It’s My Styl: an E-commerce peer to peer Fashion Community that delivers a “can’t-live-without” experience to a global market of young women and teens interested in sharing their personal style.



Airdate: Simplifies media planning and buying for SMEs by replacing tedious manual processes with an easy to use SaaS product.

Watchbox: The Watchbox app makes it easier for people to share every-day photos and short videos with friends, groups and even communities.

Radiant Games: Creates playful learning experiences that spark children’s interest in coding.

Breakroom:  The ultimate virtual reality workspace environment.

Datasmoothie: Cloud-based statistical analysis and reporting tool for data scientists.

Tagplay: Let businesses update their website using social media.



Identio: Builds a web application that improves academic equality and prevents marginalization by identifying dyslexia.

SketchMyApp: Helps enterprises using outsourcing to be as agile as startups. Automatic Photoshop prototyping that enables rapid design iterations and user validation before committing to development.

Tuiske Productions: Soft launching their first game, Armadillo Adventure: Draw & Roll, this month. In the game they use the unique Magic Finger mechanism, with which the player can draw any shape into the 2d environment, and this drawing becomes a real object to the game world. Gameplay trailer:

YogaMe: Bringing the benefits of yoga to individuals, workplaces and hotels through effective, tailored yoga breaks made as SaaS.

Belightful: Combines interacting with nature to aesthetic design consumer good, Butterfly feeder, which has built-in green values. It offers easy user experience with recurring element, nectar capsules and a digital community with fun and educational content.

Treamer: Tackles the youth unemployment with a mobile app that households and companies can use to outsource any small jobs and tasks to the students in their neighbourhood.